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Schell’s Star of the North


I have some pretty awesome friends. All of which are far too generous to me. I’m a pretty lucky guy to be able to try some beers that aren’t available in Washington. Not to mention, everything that I’ve had from Schell’s has been unbelievable. Thanks again, Josh. And I havn’t forgotten about you, Ben! This Berliner Weiss has been aged in a cypress wood lagering tank from 1936 with an “authentic mixed culture of yeast and bacteria from Berlin.”

Berliner Weiss. 3.5% ABV. 4 IBUs. Minnesota. Limited Release.

Hazy, pale yellow color. Very loose head.

Lactic acid twang, wheat, nectarines, pineapples, and even a floral component come through on the nose. It smells like Summer.

Medium thin body, highly effervescent, highly drinkable.

First, the sourness, with a pineapple juice and a peanut thing I tend to get with lactic acid. Little bit of funky-ness with hints of apricots and honey. Finishes pretty dry.

This being the fourth Berliner Weiss that I’ve ever had, it’s hard to compare it to any baseline. That being said, who cares. It’s fantastic. It’s the kind of beer that gets me excited about beer. It’s complex, but drinkable and refreshing. And it’s the best beer that I’ve had this year. 94 points.

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