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Alaskan Freeride APA


When Alaskan stopped brewing their Pale Ale because of hop supply inconsistencies, they developed this recipe to take it’s place. This one features 2-row and Crystal with Cascade, Citra, and Centennial hops.

American Pale Ale. 5.3% ABV. 40 IBUs. Alaska.

Light orange color. A ton of head when poured down the middle with some nice sticky lacing.

Nice hoppy nose. Lots of citrus, hint of peaches, and a bit of grain coming through. Just a bit of sweetness on there, as well.

Highish carbonation, light-medium body. Highly drinkable.

Quite fruity up front with a hint of tea and a nice grainy mid-back. Lovely finish of honey and peaches.

I’m perfectly okay with this beer replacing their regular APA. I’ve actually had this beer quite a few times around town, and it’s just a nice, easy-drinking beer that delivers on flavor. 89 points.

Beer Club 22: American Black Ale

Black IPA Beer Club

This month’s Beer Club is brought to you by the Black IPA/Cascadian Dark Ale/India Black Ale/American Black Ale or whatever else you want to call it. Regardless of the name, there was some kick-ass beer in this tasting. I actually designed the order by using the average of review scores. I used my own scores, BA, and RB.

To begin the tasting, we actually started with my homebrew. It gushed, and went back into the fridge. Oops.

The Laughing Dog Dogzilla might be my first beer from Idaho. I really don’t have much to say about that beer. I’m glad it was at the beginning of the tasting.

Next up was the 21st Amendment Back in Black. I actually like this beer. It’s not over-the-top with the hops and had a nice balanced flavor with quite a bit of caramel.

The Sam Adams Dark Depths Baltic IPA was a new one for me. It’s brewed as a lager. It was oddly sweet and oddly obnoxious.

One of my favorites of the tasting was the Alaskan Black IPA. Theirs isn’t real hoppy, but man, it’s a tasty beer. I’ve been a fan in the past and it held up well in the tasting.

My friend actually brought a beer for us to try, which was the Beer Valley Half Mast. I stuck it into the tasting here, and have no idea what the ratings are on it. I thought this one was a pretty good example of the style.

Another beer that I’ve been a fan of in the past, was the Oakshire O’Dark:30. Gave it a 90 on this blog and I still liked it.

We had the Widmer Pitch Black after. Nothing of note about this beer. Tasted like water to me.

Our only Washington competitor was the Fish Swordfish out of Olympia. I gave this one a pretty high rating, and enjoyed it in the tasting. It was a bit more aggressive than the others we’d have at that point.

You can’t do black IPAs without one of the greats: Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous. Probably the most aggressive beer, but the balance is fantastic. It’s what you’d come to expect from Stone.

Probably my favorite Black IPA is the Seccession by HUB. I still love this beer. It’s the perfect marriage of piney and citrus with the chocolate. My favorite.

This tasting was the first chance that I got to try the Wookey Jack from Firestone Walker. I guess there is a reason it’s the most highly rated beer in the tasting. Exquisite balance. It’s a beer I need to review on it’s own.

That’s it folks. It was a fantastic tasting and more user friendly than I thought it would be. Some folks just don’t enjoy the hops…yet. Next month hefeweizens at a lake house. Jealous?

Alaskan Troppelbock


This is the newest brew in the Pilot Series from Alaskan. The last of which was an amazing red ale. This one they are calling an imperial doppelbock aged on some oak. Let’s see if it’s what I expect it to be.

Doppelbock. 10.5% ABV. Alaska. Limited Release.

Really lovely looking beer. Red to burnt copper in color. Nice dark tan head.

It’s a hair cold, but I’m not getting too much on the nose. Very sweet with bready malts.

Mouthfeel is like syrup except how highly carbonated it is. It’s awfully cloying.

Oh dear god. It’s sooo sweet. Dark, bready malts with caramel for days. A considerable bitterness on the finish. I’m sure they dumped a ton of hops in here to try and balance. You get that oak on the finish with a hint of vanilla. Smokey bitter flavor after that and it doesn’t leave your mouth.

I really hate this beer. It’s way too sweet, way too cloying and the rest of the beer hasn’t caught up with that. That being said, I know many people who would really enjoy that crap out of this. 83 points

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Beer Club 21: Hybrid Styles

Hybrid Styles

For our 21st Beer Club I wanted to discuss hybrid styles. Hybrid styles are those with both ale and lager characteristics.

Our first stop on the hybrid journey is the cream ale, and we started that with the more mass-market one, the Genesee Cream Ale. This was actually far from the worst beer. It was refreshing with a nice grainy finish. Fairly well-liked.

The next beer was Henry Weinhard’s Blue Boar. This made the Genesee look like craft. Very little flavor, very forgettable.

The final cream ale was the Pelican Kiwanda Cream Ale. I really enjoyed this beer, and had a wonderful fruity-ness. Really tasty beer.

We had the Kolsch after that, and one of my favorite beers, the Sunner Kolsch. This is a fantastic beer that I’ve enjoyed many times. Good price point for a great beer.

The only other Kolsch was the Alaskan Summer. Not a bad beer, but a bit of a let down after the Sunner.

The biggest representation of hybrid’s is the Blonde Ale category. We started with the Kona Big Wave, which actually had an enjoyable fruity-ness in a crisp package. Shockingly, not a bad beer.

Widmer’s Citra was alright, but again, pretty forgettable. I don’t even think most people had any thoughts about it.

The Deschutes River Ale was a particularly unsatisfactory beer when I had it last, but in the tasting it turned out quite well. The grainy finish made this beer and became a favorite of mine during the tasting.

We had a couple locals up next, starting with the Diamond Knot Blonde Ale. It was infected. Not the first infected beer that I’ve had from them, so it’s pretty upsetting.

The American Blonde was next, but it had a surprising hop kick that didn’t vibe with the other beers. Just felt off-balanced.

Steam Beer was the second to last style we tried. Anchor Steam was first. I don’t need to tell anyone about this beer. I don’t know if it showed that well in the tasting, but I thought it was fantastic as I always do.

I’m actually pretty shocked I was able to find another Steam Beer, but luckily Widmer just released their Columbia Common. It’s a pretty tasty brew with a bit of a hop kick and a dusty malt flavor.

Bringing up the rear, and a well-liked change from the others is the Alaskan Amber which is actually an altbier. The little kick of sweetness was a welcome end to the night.

I think this tasting turned out pretty well, and it was a fantastic night. Some new faces were in the crowd and I hope they got a little taste of something new. Not bad for our 21st. We’ve got Black IPAs lined up next.

Beer Club 20: Witbier

Witbier Beer Club

Yes, this is a cellphone pic, and yes, that’s my girlfriend hiding behind a pillow. Moving on…

This month was all about Witbiers, those spiced Belgian wheats so popular these days.

You can’t talk about Wits, unless you talk about Hoegaarden. It’s a nice, light beer, but has more complexity and finesse than many of the others after it. Still a classic.

Blue Moon was next in line. I think it’s an important beer because it really helped to popularize the style being from a big brewery. Everyone has had this beer and it was certainly a “gateway” beer for me. I still think it’s a solid beer.

Might as well try the other big brand version, Shock Top. Blue Moon is considerably better.

Another mass market beer was after that with the R.J. King WingWalker. Some liked this beer, but I personally think it’s garbage.

The Lost Coast Great White is the first American craft beer for us to try. It was also bad.

Luckily, the Alaskan White was pretty damn good. It was my favorite of the night with the possible exception of Hoegaarden, and was liked all around.

Unibroue Blanche De Chambly had great flavor, but for some reason this bottle wasn’t very carbonated. Not sure what the deal was there.

For something a little different, I threw in the Chainbreaker from Deschutes. They call it a White IPA. Basically, it’s a hopped up Wit. I’m not a huge fan of this beer, and others didn’t enjoy the added hops.

The tasting ended with a non-Witbier. The Snoqualmie Spring Fever was a darker Belgian beer with coriander added. It was a nice way to finish the tasting with another look at how coriander comes through in a different style.

This was one of the most unimpressive Beer Clubs we’ve had. It’s a bit unfortunate as it doesn’t do the style justice. But I do think it’s important to taste what the rest of America is drinking. Hybrid Styles next month!

Alaskan Imperial Red Ale

February 7, 2013 2 comments


Here’s a new beer in the Pilot Series lineup from Alaskan. This beer features Centennial, Citra, Meridian, and Summit hops. So hopefully it won’t taste like crab.

American Red Ale. 8.5% ABV. Alaska. Limited Release.

Nice coppery-red color. Quite a nice head on here on the pour.

Hoppy! Smells like an IPA actually. Lots of pine, little bit of citrus (grapefruit, orange) with a little bit of vanilla and caramel. Smells strong, hint of booze.

Really nice mouthfeel. Medium-full body with medium carbonation. Really nice “tooth”.

Really hoppy up front with a bit of sweetness that gets fairly earthy on the mid-palate and dries out on the finish, which may just be the result of bitterness. The finish is really lovely with a floral, grapefruit, and honey flavor.

Really loving this beer. I’d just go ahead and call it an DIPA. It’s perhaps a bit too dark, but we are splitting hairs. 91 points.

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Alaskan Baltic Porter

January 10, 2013 Leave a comment


I’ve never had their Baltic Porter before, so I was pretty excited to get the chance. This one is brewed with cherries, brown sugar, vanilla beans and aged on oak chips. Sounds interesting.

Baltic Porter. 9.8% ABV. Alaska. Limited Release.

Dark brown to black in color. No real head on this one.

Lots of chocolate, hint of soy sauce, spices, and vanilla on the nose.

Mouthfeel is quite lovely. Full bodied with medium carbonation. Very full.

Chocolate, licorice, with a hint of vanilla and oak. Not getting much else. A ton of roast on here as well.

Not really digging this one. All that good stuff gets pretty lost. 85 points.


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