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Stone RuinTen IPA


Originally released in 2012 to celebrate Ruination’s tenth anniversary, the RuinTen will now be released annually. This beer is essentially a bigger, badder version of the Ruination, with 10.8% ABV and 5 pounds of a 50/50 blend of Centennial and Citra in each barrel.

Imperial India Pale Ale. 10.8% ABV. 110 IBUs. California. Limited Release.

Copper color with a beautiful fluffy head. Small streams of carbonation appear through the murky beer.

I can already smell the beer and I’ve only just poured it. Huge nose with just a ton of pine and earth with orange and lemon zest. Hints of black pepper, honey and even a little floral peddle thing going on.

The carbonation really cuts through the body, thank god. Otherwise, this is syrup. Hop syrup. Delicious.

Incredibly complex. Pine, orange peel, lemon, black pepper, vanilla, and earth. This beer will destroy your palate….but, it does have some malt backbone here. Just enough to make it drinkable, and give it just a bit of a sweet kick. The finish is along the lines of orange flavored charcoal.

Make no mistake, this will destroy your palate for quite awhile. That being said, it’s got some beautiful complexity and is the most stand-out IPA I’ve had in some time. 92 points.

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