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Alaskan Troppelbock


This is the newest brew in the Pilot Series from Alaskan. The last of which was an amazing red ale. This one they are calling an imperial doppelbock aged on some oak. Let’s see if it’s what I expect it to be.

Doppelbock. 10.5% ABV. Alaska. Limited Release.

Really lovely looking beer. Red to burnt copper in color. Nice dark tan head.

It’s a hair cold, but I’m not getting too much on the nose. Very sweet with bready malts.

Mouthfeel is like syrup except how highly carbonated it is. It’s awfully cloying.

Oh dear god. It’s sooo sweet. Dark, bready malts with caramel for days. A considerable bitterness on the finish. I’m sure they dumped a ton of hops in here to try and balance. You get that oak on the finish with a hint of vanilla. Smokey bitter flavor after that and it doesn’t leave your mouth.

I really hate this beer. It’s way too sweet, way too cloying and the rest of the beer hasn’t caught up with that. That being said, I know many people who would really enjoy that crap out of this. 83 points

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