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Beer-ing Adventures: Ballard Brewery Tour

The neighborhood of Ballard in Seattle is teaming with breweries these days. The Washington Beer Commission set up a walking tour of 6 of them. I hadn’t even heard of two of them when I found out about the tour.

Reuben’s Brews



We started off at Reuben’s Brews. I was most excited about this place as they’ve been getting a lot of publicity for such a young brewery. I can see why. The beer was quite good. I started off with a Kolsch, which was tasty, but the stars were the selection of dark beers that my friends got. It was a good start! They just started bottling, so I’m looking forward to some proper reviews.

NW Peaks



NW Peaks was next. This place is the very definition of Nano. You can barely fit inside, they had four beers on tap, and their beer garden was more similar to a construction site. I can’t say I was blown away by this brewery. I do have to give them credit for putting a berlinerweisse on the menu. They actually had the syrups for it too.






Hilliard’s was the next stop. I’ve had a couple of their beers before as they come in tallboy cans, which is pretty cool. Man, was I impressed with this place. Not only was the brewery big and open, they didn’t have anything sectioned off. You can get right up to the equipment and check out their barrel program. I guess they aren’t too concerned with people opening valves or start the canning line. The other reason it was cool is because of their Chardonnay Barrel Aged Saison, which was by far the most impressive beer of the day. It was fantastic.



Peddler brewing was next and was a completely new brewery for me. Fairly small tap room, but a ton of beers on tap. The brewer gave a quick tour. Most of the beers didn’t stick in my mind except their coffee saison, which was damn tasty. I’d like to check this place out again when it isn’t so crowded. We had to hold our taster tray.




Populuxe was another unheard of brewery. Another pretty small place with only a couple beers on tap. The Wit and the Bitter weren’t bad, but the CDA was off the mark.

Maritime Pacific



Maritime Pacific was the last stop on the tour. They are a restaurant, so it took quite awhile before we got a seat. They make some solid beer, but the cask pale ale was quite awesome.



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