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R.J. King Wingwalker Belgian White


This is a new brand for me. I say brand because it’s one of many in the World Brews portfolio. Others include Big Flats 1901, Barrel Trolley, and Tap Room No. 21 which you may have seen around. As you can probably guess, there’s essentially no information on the website. I’ll just go ahead and assume this was brewed in Calfornia.

Witbier. 5.5% ABV. California.

Appearance isn’t bad. Hazy dark yellow color with a decent head and keeps some lacing on the glass.

The nose smells very candy-esq. Artificial orange and quite sweet smelling.

Mouthfeel is light with fairly heavy carbonation.

Bleh. Tastes like mixing a cleaner with a gallon jug of artificial orange flavored sugar water. Slight malt on the finish.

Is this giving me cancer? 73 points.

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