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Beer Club 17: Epic Shitty Beer Showdown: Part I

For this month’s Beer Club, I wanted to go over a style often over-looked by beer geeks like me. Yet, it’s by far the biggest selling style of beer in the world, with the possible exception being the “light” versions. But what fun would a tasting of adjunct lagers be without a blind competition? So here’s the lineup, plus my homebrewed adjunct lager:

Epic Shitty Beer Showdown

And here’s the bracket:


I designed the seeds. I used BA scores as a general guideline, but moved a few around that I thought needed to be. There were 2 play-in’s with Miller vs. Coors and Molson vs. Fosters. Coors and Molson won, respectively. Unfortunately, we ran out of Coors, so the match up vs. Bud will happen next time. I’m pretty happy with the results, considering all the high seeds won. It was also interesting to see how people decided on what beer to vote for. Many times, it really wasn’t about which was better, but more so, whichever was more tolerable.

Just a few observations: The Fort George 1811 Lager barely squeaked by, with a 5-4 vote. The increased hop profile threw a lot of people off, so I don’t see it doing well in subsequent rounds. Batch 19 wasn’t bad at all, and PBR deserves to have the hipster hype. My homebrew also had some votes against, so it’ll be interesting to see where it ends up.

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