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Jester King Le Petit Prince


Another sweet beer from Texas. This is the first Jester King beer that I’ve ever had and it’s exciting me a whole bunch. This is a table beer. A style of beer that was more for subsistence than enjoyment, and therefore is practically extinct these days with the small exception of the saison. This beer features Pilsner, 2-Row, Wheat, and Caramunich. Hops include Czech Saaz or East Kent Goldings depending on availability. This is only 2.9%, but let’s see what it brings to the table (that’s a pun).

Saison. 2.9% ABV. Texas.

Hazy and carbonated looking with a bright yellow color. It has a really fantastic head.

The nose reminds me a lot of a saison. Very yeasty with a slight funk characteristic and a bit tart.

Surprisingly good body. Medium-low body with medium-high carbonation.

Some light malt flavor with some of that yeasty-ness comes through right away. Quite floral and tart up front. It finishes with quite a bit of hop bitterness and sticks on your palate with a slight grain and honey flavor on the length of the finish.

This is a really cool beer, but it just doesn’t deliver quite as much as I was hoping on the flavor department. Still worth a purchase and you can drink this all day long. Thanks again, Ben! 86 points.

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