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Southern Star Buried Hatchet Stout


Here’s another Texas brew sent to me from my buddy Ben. Thanks Ben! This is a strong stout that features Pale, Crisp Brown, White Wheat, roasted malt and rolled oats. Saphir hops to balance. That’s not a variety I’m familiar with.

Double Stout. 8.25% ABV. 50 IBUs. Texas.

Really not an appealing looking stout. It’s fairly light in color for a stout and has no head.

The nose is nice though. Lots of chocolate and roast barley. It smells pretty amazing.

Mouthfeel is nice. Medium body, but lighter than I would expect. Very easy drinking.

This is just delicious. Comes across as a sweet stout with lots of toasted malts. Tons and tons of chocolate, little bit of roast with some toasted almonds. The length never backs off your taste buds.

I’m loving this right now. Highly drinkable, highly pleasing stout with a sneaky ABV. 89 points.

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