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Saint Arnold Homefront IPA


I have some awesome friends. A buddy of mine sent me a bunch of beer from Texas, so expect to see mostly that for awhile. This beer really excited me. The first Homefront was brewed by the local Fremont Brewing, but Saint Arnold gets to try their hand at it. A portion of proceeds go to Operation Homefront, so it’s worth a buy just for that. The beer features 2-row, Aromatic, and Caramel malts with Cascade and Chinooks. The beer also features orange zest, which should be interesting.

American India Pale Ale. 6.5% ABV. 50 IBUs. Texas.

Slightly cloudy orange to copper color. Decent head at pour, but doesn’t stick around.

Lots of hops coming through, and does actually have a fairly PNW aroma with that citrus and pine aroma. Hint of vanilla and oranges. A bit of that creamsicle thing.

Mouthfeel is actually a thinner medium body with a higher carbonation. Quite an easy drinking beer without being too thin.

Not as piney and hoppy on the palate. Actually comes across as pretty floral with a bit of pine and orange. Nice grainy length.

Pretty tasty. It tastes like a less aggressive and more floral version of a WA IPA. I think I like the Fremont a hair better, but this is a totally solid beer. 88 points.

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