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Airways Final Departure


This is the first bottling for this little brewery. The brewery is actually really close to where I live, but I’ve never made it over. I’ll have to remedy that. I love their commercial aviation theme. Seems perfect for our area. No mention of this beer on their website.

Imperial Stout. 9.9% ABV. Washington.

Hard to get it much darker than this. Ruby red to black. Smallish tan head.

Nose is really not special. A little bit of roast, but an otherwise closed nose.

Mouthfeel is large. Medium-full body and low carbonation.

What the nose lacked, the palate makes up for. It’s a little over-balanced on the roast barley. It’s like drinking burnt beer. A little bit of caramel and vanilla also makes an appearance. Long, long length.

It’s good and bad. Lots of flavor, good mouthfeel and length. My only complaint is the ridiculously roasted quality about it which dominates the malt complexity which I suspect is underneath. 85 points.

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