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Beer Club 14: Dubbels

This month is Belgian Dubbels. We already did Tripels, which was a huge hit. The Dubbels didn’t fair as well.


We started this tasting a little bit different. First beer was my homebrew which most everyone seemed to like. Following that, we did a vertical of Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale. These were given to me as a gift from a friend and I wanted to share the wealth with others. I was trying to find information about these beers, but there’s not much to be had. They were considered Dubbels in previous vintages, but now are considered a Belgian Strong Dark Ale. I’m not sure how the recipe has changed. The ABV has been consistent, so I thought what the hell, I’ll just throw them in. The 2009 was definitely past it’s prime. The 2010 was perfect for me and was much more mellow than the 2011.


The Chimay was up next and may be the most popular Dubbel in the world. This one was a big hit.

Maredsous 8 followed and was one of my favorites of the night. It had an amazing chocolate malt note that wasn’t present in the other beers.

The first domestic example was the Ommegang Abbey and was generally disliked. I’m not really sure why. It did seem a little more phenolic than some of the other examples, but it just didn’t go over well.

Goose Island Pere Jacques and the Sound Dubbel Entendre were both hits. Definitely an American approach with a drier, more hopped version. Seemed to be a bit less yeast influence in the beer as well.

The final beer was the Pelican Le Pelican Brun. This wasn’t exactly a Dubbel either. “With a deep reddish-brown color that suggests an Abbey-Style Dubbel, but a rich yeast-driven aroma reminiscent of a Saison.” Whatever it is, it was good, but forgettable.

Next month we are doing Imperial/Double IPAs, but before then we are having a Halloween party. I’m planning on doing a blind competition of pumpkin beers, so stay tuned for that.

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