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Two Beers Heart of Darkness Imperial CDA


Here’s a local black IPA that they’ve “imperialized”. 8.4% ABV on this one. It’s only bottled, not canned like a lot of their beer.

American Black Ale. 8.4% ABV. 67 IBUs. Washington. Available November-February.

Nice color. Red to black to brown. The head is ridiculous. It’s over-carbonated, but the lacing is just silly.

I like the nose, but it’s very strange. Lots of apple coming through (Acetaldehyde), making it oddly fruity with just a hint of chocolate and cinnamon. Not what I would expect for a Black IPA.

Mouthfeel is decent. Medium body with medium-high carbonation.

Apples, spices, chocolate. Hops? Naw. Does have a medium bitterness with a bit of roast, but doesn’t taste like a hop forward beer.

Well, frankly, I kinda like it. That being said, it’s way off base. It’s not hop forward, and has a ton of Acetaldehyde coming through. 80 points.

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