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Stone 16th Anniversary IPA


How about a 10% ABV IPA. No other beer would be more Stone than something insanely hoppy and boozy. Luckily (I think), there’s some lemon-y stuff in here, so it won’t taste like eating my back yard.

Imperial India Pale Ale. 10.0% ABV. 85 IBUs. California. Limited Release.

Burnt orange to copper in color. Lovely head.

It’s hoppy, but has a lemon and herbal quality. It smells like a salad, and in the good way. There’s even a nice black pepper component. Add an anchovy and this would be a Caesar Salad.

Mouthfeel is big. Full bodied with a medium-low carbonation. Quite the sipper.

Ridiculous amount of hops that nearly rip your face off. The lemon isn’t as pronounced on the palate as the nose. Maybe that’s because the hops are ripping my face off. That herbal quality comes through with a bit of black pepper. High bitterness, and it’s got some heat.

This is about as big of a beer as you can get. It’s saving grace is the freshness of the lemon to slightly cut the heavy pine and bitterness of the hops. It’s tasty though, so if you are in the mood for a huge Imperial IPA, give this a go. 90 points.

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