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Beer Club 12: Belgian Tripel

This marks the 12th Beer Club. A whole year has already gone by already. I want to get into some Belgian styles, and I think they will be a big hit at Beer Club. Tripel is a good place to start, with it’s low bitterness and often fruity ester yeast profile. Our first beer was my home brewed tripel. I’m going to start having a home brew at every beer club for the style we are doing as my friends seem to get a kick out of trying my own creations.



My pictures aren’t in order of the tasting. We started with the St. Bernardus, as the Westmalle was chilling. Tripel Karmeliet was after, followed by the Maredsous to show the more traditional beers of the style. After that, the La Fin Du Monde, and Canadian tripel with spices added. I wanted to also show some domestic examples, this being Seattle, I picked up three Washington beers. The Sound Tripel Entendre was first, followed by the Elysian Bete Blanche, and finally Pike’s Monk’s Uncle. Last beer was the New Belgian Trippel, also flavored with spices.

I think the Tripels were a big hit all around, particularly the Belgian examples. There were definitely some interesting takes on the style. Tripel Karmeliet in particular, had this spice component that the other beers lacked. The Westmalle, even being the original, actually came across as the most boozy one, which I found surprising. The 10% Maredsous tasted more like a 7% beer. I would say the other standout was the Elysian Bete Blanche, which was clearly the most “American” of the American beers with a fairly clean yeast profile and a heavier malty-ness.

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