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Stone Smoked Porter w/ Vanilla Bean


Stone decided to change things up a bit. I’ve pretty much hated their smoked porter in the past, so I’m looking forward to trying this version with vanilla bean. They also released one with Chipotle peppers, which sounds pretty amazing. This beer features Pale, Crystal 75, Chocolate and peat-smoked malt with Columbus and Mt. Hood hops.

American Porter. 5.9% ABV. California. Limited Release.

Dark brown and slightly reddish in color. Big head as I poured, but hasn’t stayed put.

It smells chocolatey with a bit of vanilla. Not really getting any of the smoke.

Mouthfeel is actually a bit thinner than I was expecting. Light-medium body with light carbonation.

Minimal smoke, a little bit of a vanilla, but also fairly minimal. A bit of chocolate also comes through, with a surprising bitter finish.

I don’t get this beer. It’s not smokey, not overly vanilla-y. What is does have is an abundance of boringness. 79 points.

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