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Alaskan White


Havn’t had this one in awhile. I didn’t blow me away when I compared it in the Witbier tasting that I did. It features wheat and 2-row with NW hops, but their website doesn’t list the varieties. Of course, as a witbier it has coriander and orange peel.

Witbier. 5.3% ABV. Alaska.

Cloudy yellow color. Head fades away quickly.

Lots of citrusy-ness with a hint of spice. Just barely a hint of wheat. Nothing amazing here.

Mouthfeel is very light with a frothy carbonation.

A little more coriander comes through on the palate than the nose with that orange peel and a nice little grainy finish.

Nothing great here, as it’s very light in flavor and comes off quite watery. It just needs more oomph. 82 points.

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