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Shipyard Smashed Blueberry


Part of Shipyard’s “Pugsley’s Signature Series” this is a hybrid of a porter and Scotch ale, oh and blueberries. The beer features Pale, Crystal, Chocolate, Light Munich, roasted barley, and toffified wheat. Hops include Summit, Tettnang, and Cascades. I’m going to assume that blueberries have also been added, but it never actually says so anywhere.

Fruit Beer. 9.0% ABV. Maine. Limited Release.

Nearly black in color with some dark brown hues. Fantastic head.

You get the blueberries as soon as you crack this one open. Definitely some sweetness here with a hint of caramel and chocolate.

Very low carbonation and the body is a bit lighter than I’d expect.

Blueberries, caramel, vanilla, and honey. It’s definitely got blueberry flavor, but it’s really not over-the-top and tastes more authentic, rather than artificial like some blueberry beers I’ve had. The malts do come through after the initial, as well as the hops. It’s more bitter than I was expecting too.

Yeah, it’s alright. I like the balance here, but I do find the hop bitterness to be a bit off putting. All together it just doesn’t blow me away. 86 points.

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