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Redhook No Equal Amber Lager


Rant time. Firstly, Redhook has tried very hard to re-market itself, which I think is great. They put out this “Blueline” Series for reserve beers, but have completely failed to update their website since the ESB came out. If you are going to spend all that money on new packing and a new website, you could at least update it. Secondly, I abhor soccer. An hour and a half long game that ends in 0-0 ties? And the so-called “hooligans” that sing songs and start fights? I guess you have to do something while watching 22 people run around kicking a ball. Then I just read that the Sounders bought the hosting rights so they didn’t have to travel to Atlanta for a game. What kind of league is this? Anyways, this has caramel malts and Noble hops or something.

Amber Lager. 5.2% ABV. Washington. Limited Release.

Dark amber to caramel in color with an okay head.

Just a little bit of caramel on the nose with just a hint of noble hops.

Mouthfeel is okay. Light to medium body with high carbonation.

Just a hint of caramel and vanilla up front which transitions to a slight hop flavor and then ends on this wonderful, amazing grainy finish.

This beer is completely lackluster until the finish. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really make it worth a buy. I’m sure some yuppie hooligans with green colored mohawks will be upset at me. Shucks. 82 points.

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