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Beer Club 4/28/12 Doppelbocks

Spring calls for the bock. Those lovely lagers of so many variations and sub-genres. My original intention was to pick up a bunch of different varieties, but I found I really just bought a bunch of Doppelbocks. The heavier, sweeter, boozier big brother to the traditional bock, I figured right away that these would be a hit with this crowd.


First of the night was the Celebrator from Ayinger. I’ve really enjoyed this beer in the past and it really presented itself as the roastiest of the night. It also seemed a bit drier than the later examples. I really liked this one, but it wasn’t a favorite with the crowd.


The Hirschbrau Doppelhirsch ended up being a good example of what most of the beers had to offer. It was sweeter with a lot of caramel coming through. Much bigger hit than the first one.


The Korbinian was probably the most surprising brew of the night for me. It had this lovely earthy-tobacco flavor that wasn’t present in any of the other examples. I really liked this one.


The Schnee-Bock was a new brewery for me and it was a similar but slightly more boozy version of the Hirschbrau. Pretty solid and generally liked.


Salvator was next, and probably the easiest to find of the beers we had. A good beer, but wasn’t noteworthy against the competition.


The Alaskan Birch Bock was the only non-German brew we had. This presented as the sweetest of the bunch. This was not a favorite of mine.


EKU 28 is an 11% monster of a Doppel. It drinks more like an Eisbock. The alcohol, relatively well-hidden, but was immediately picked up by the group.


Something a little different here. The Aventinus is a Weizen Eisbock. The yeast and wheat character really set this beer apart. It was by far the fruitiest of the beers. It was a nice “light” break from the heavy caramel component of the rest.


The Kulmbacher Eisbock brought up the rear. This was a big, but delicious way to end the night.

This tasting was a huge hit, so next month, I just may have to do IPAs!

  1. May 1, 2012 at 6:50 pm

    My plan this spring was to try a bunch of bocks. I only had one. Oh well, we still got some time until summer. At least if the weather around here is any indicator.

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