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Pauwel Kwak


It’s been awhile since I’ve had a Belgian beer, and I’ve never had this one. It’s a very attractive 750ml bottle, and like many imported brews, there’s practically no information about it.

Belgian Strong Ale. 8.4% ABV. Belgium.

Dark copper to red color. Lots of carbonated head when you pour, but the large bubbles meant the head wasn’t going to stay around too long.

Very sweet nose with malty brown sugar aroma. It smells of caramel with just a hint of black pepper. And just the slightest hint of mint.

Medium to full bodied with a medium to low carbonation. Definitely not the easiest drinking beer that I’ve had.

Sweet caramel, black pepper, brown sugar, with a little hint of apples and dark cherries. It’s even got a little paper-y thing too, but I don’t actually think it’s oxidized. I also get a hint of peach and tobacco on the long finish, that I’m really loving.

It’s a tasty brew and one that I think many will enjoy, but honestly, if you know me, it’s not my kinda beer. It’s thick, sweet, and malty. That doesn’t make it bad, just not a favorite for me. 89 points.

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