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Dogfish Head Noble Rot


If you know anything about wine, then you probably have heard of Noble Rot. It’s a fungus, called Botrytus, that can attack wine grapes, but is prized for it’s ability to concentrate the sugars in the grape. This beer has Viognier must that was infected by noble rot, as well as, Pinot Gris must. Otherwise, it’s basically a saison, brewed with Pils and wheat malts.

Saison. 9.0% ABV. 18 IBUs. Delaware. Limited Release.

Very pale yellow color. Actually, it looks a lot like coors light.

The nose is not like coors light. It’s fruity, with a slice of peach and a grape, and just a pinch of black pepper.

Mouthfeel is quite light. Actually very light with high carbonation. Does not present itself as a 9% beer.

The palate is a bit fruity, with a bit tartness. It’s got a saison like characteristic with that black pepper coming through a bit. Nice honey component.

I cannot believe how light this beer is. Firstly, in mouthfeel, but also in taste. It’s a 9% beer that doesn’t even seem like it’s 5%. That’s pretty incredible. It’s fruity, it’s light, and it’s easy drinking. But it’s also fairly light on flavor. It doesn’t wow me, and for $14, I’d like some wow. Again, I applaud Dogfish Head for the gull to make this beer, but it just doesn’t blow me away. 87 points.

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