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Dogfish Head Faithfull Ale


This is an ode to Pearl Jam’s Ten record, on it’s 20th anniversary. I actually really enjoyed the Bitches Brew, but didn’t get to try Hellhound On My Ale. I randomly saw a bottle of this at a local beer store and had to get it. I couldn’t believe there was one on the shelf. This beer is a golden ale with currents added to the boil.

Belgian Golden Ale. 7.0% ABV. 20 IBUs. Delaware. Limited Release.

Light golden color with a nice white head.

The nose is a bit closed but I get a little caramel malt aroma with a fruity and citrus play. It actually smells a bit tart and I wouldn’t guess currants, but I can see them being in here.

Mouthfeel has high carbonation and a medium-light body.

Some fruity-ness up front, which subsides to a caramel and slight bready malt profile. It’s got a little bit of sweetness and just a hint of tartness. It’s got this almost leather like component in the middle. The finish is fairly malty with a hint of grape jelly.

I like this one, but like many DFH beers, I wouldn’t buy it again. It’s solid, but not worth the price. 89 points.

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