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Fantome Pissenlit


I picked up 2 new Fantome beers from 99 Bottles. They were in the back room, but I was lucky enough to get my hands on them. They aren’t cheap, but the original Fantome that I had blew me away. I had to have them. This is a beer that’s actually brewed with dandelions. They dry the flowers in the sun, then soak them in water for a few days. That “tea” is then used as the base for the beer. The description does say that you may not detect the dandelions. Another fun fact: Pissenlit means “wet the bed”, and is named for the diuretic effect of uncooked dandelions. You learn something new everyday.

Saison. 8.0% ABV. Belgium. Spring Seasonal.

Amber to brown in color. The bottom of the bottle makes for a very hazy beer.

Well…this smells amazing. It’s got a tartness mixed with a heavy yeast aroma, bordering on Champagne. Baked apples and pears mix with a brown sugar component.

Spritzy carbonation but backed by a nice medium body mouthfeel.

Baked apples and Champagne is what comes to mind when I initially drink this beer. It’s not just tart, it’s sour, and it’s amazing. There’s so much tart fruit and yeasty-ness in here. The length is tremendous with a tart apple and cranberry play. I love the little bit of funk on this beer.

I’m not sure I can actually write how I feel about this beer. It might be up there with some of the best that I’ve ever had. Saying that, keep in mind that this is my kind of beer. It’s the perfect saison. It’s a bit funky, a bit sour, crisp, and complex. If I had to choose one beer to drink in my life, this would be on the short list. 95 points.

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