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Beer Club 11/20/11 Saisons

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their day and eating a ridiculous amount of food. I hope there’s some beer in there to wash it all down. I thought this month would be perfect to do Saisons. It’s one of my favorite styles, but more importantly, they are great for Thanksgiving. Here’s what we tasted.


We started with the classic, Saison Dupont. This is usually a pretty easy beer to come by, so you should check it out. It’s got a little bit of funk, but isn’t over-powering. I was actually surprised by how well this beer was received at beer club considering it has that little bit of funk.


We moved on to the Avec Les Bons Voeux. This was a bigger version of the other beer. It’s a little darker, a little heavier, not quite as drinkable. It’s abv is close to 10%. I think some people liked this beer, where as one or two thought the alcohol was a bit too much.


This was a new one for me. The Boardwalk from Left Coast is a more American version. It’s got a bit more of a hop profile. I was surprised to get a lot of “green” on the flavor. I tasted like snap peas to me. This was probably the biggest surprise of the night. It was pretty well liked.


I finally got to try the Ovila Saison. I havn’t tried any of the Ovila beers from Sierra Nevada, but I was willing to be it would show well. Unfortunately, this was the biggest disappointment of the night. It was very light in flavor, and just bland compared to the other saisons. Pretty disappointed in this one.


I loved the discontinued saison from Boulevard, but I never got to try this one. Tank 7 was a decent beer, but again, didn’t seem to stand out that much. It’s a beer that I’d like to try again by itself.


I wanted to throw a little bit of a change in here with this “black saison” from Goose Island. I’ve enjoyed this beer in the past and love the added peppercorns to accent the yeast profile. I think everyone liked this one, and it’s a definite buy if you ask me.


This was the wild card of the night. This is an Italian saison from Piccolo Birrificio called Seson, and it’s expensive. In the neighborhood of $20 a bottle. It’s got some added spices and citrus peel. This was definitely a winner, but I found it to be a bit too sweet and cloying. It’s a really interesting beer, and worth a purchase once, but I can’t see myself buying it again.

All in all, I was very pleasantly surprised by how well the saisons were received. It’s kind of a funky style, and I know some people aren’t going to be into it. I hope I’ve expanded some palates with this beer club and hope to continue with it.

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