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Beer Club 10/08/2011 Fall Seasonals

Well, it’s that time of year. Lots of seasonals are coming out right now and I wanted to have a broad spectrum of beers for people to try. We missed Oktoberfest beers last beer club, so I wanted to have some of those. The rest of the beers were all pumpkin beers with two random seasonals. Sorry about the picture quality.


I wanted to start with the Fremont Harvest because 1) I love this beer and 2) Fremont kicks ass for making a saison for a Fall seasonal 3) It’s the lightest beer of the bunch. It seemed to go over alright, but was quickly dismissed after the next beers, which everyone seemed to prefer.


Our first Marzen was the Widmer Okto Festival. I wasn’t a huge fan of this beer, but did seem to go over pretty well. Actually, all the Marzens did. Some liked this one better than the next, some liked the next one better than this.


The Snoqualmie Harvest Moon went over similarly to the Widmer. I personally like this beer better than the Widmer.


Next up, we have the Silver City Oktoberfest. Again, this beer was received about the same as the other two. Personally, I thought this was the best of the Marzen’s yet. This one was a bit more bready and had a thicker mouthfeel.


To finish out the Marzens, we have the Ayinger Oktober Fest-Marzen. This is my favorite Marzen, and was really well liked. It’s by far the breadiest of the beers. If you are able to find this beer, you won’t regret it.


Next up, we had another random seasonal. The Sierra Nevada Tumbler is a fairly new beer in their lineup, but admittedly, one of my least favorite Sierra Nevada beers. This beer ended up being the most forgettable.


Moving on to the pumpkin beers. I wanted to start with the two most “commercial examples”. We started with the Buffalo Bill’s Original Pumpkin Ale. This is the most easily found pumpkin beer and the one that everyone seems to buy. This was by far the most unliked beer of the night. Matt said something like, “this is the worst mother fucking beer that I’ve ever had.” There were a couple people that liked the nose. After that, we had the Blue Moon, which went over slightly better, but was still pretty hated. At this point, I couldn’t stop laughing at the reactions of everyone.


I thought I got them all, but apparently I forgot the picture of the Dogfish Head Punkin. So here’s an older picture I took of it. This was my favorite pumpkin beer up to this point. And luckily, this changed the perception of pumpkin beers for everyone. This is a delicious beer, that’s well balanced, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.


I was lucky enough to get a bottle of The Great Pumpkin from Elysian. I hadn’t had this beer before, but it might even be my new favorite. This was also delicious, but this tasted more like an actual pumpkin pie than any pumpkin beer that I’ve had. I mean, it wasn’t pumpkin pie-ish, it was legit pumpkin pie. It’s a bit richer than the Dogfish Head. Great beer.


To end the night, we had the Imperial Pumking from Southern Tier. This was the highest in alcohol at almost 9%. This was also very well received, but was really outshined by the previous two beers. I found this one to be a bit off-balanced and astringent on the finish.


All in all, I think it was a great tasting. Hopefully, people found a new appreciation for the versatility of beer. There’s a beer for everything!

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