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Beer Club 9/10/11 Wheats

Yesterday, we had our second beer club meeting. This is really the first official one, as the last one was more of a get-together. Originally, we were going to do Oktoberfest, but considering it’s been so hot here recently, I thought it would be a good idea to do something more refreshing. I also thought wheats would end up being a big hit. They tend to be easy on the palate, and a lot of people seem to love them. I didn’t have much of a focus here, I just wanted to get a large selection of wheat beers to showcase how many different types there are. I ended up getting 3 German hefe’s, 1 American hefe, 2 witbiers, and a weizen doppelbock.


The Weihenstephaner was a huge hit. It was our first beer, but everyone seemed to love this one. It was all our favorite of the hefe’s. It had lots of flavor, and was nicely balanced.


After the first beer, this one was a bit of a let down. It was much lighter in flavor, and we found ourselves really just wanting to drink more of the last one.


The Brau-Weisse was actually a bit of a let down as well. You know how much I love Ayinger, but it was a bit lighter than the Weihenstephaner, but it was a good beer. I just rated this a 90 point beer the other day, and I’m still pretty high on it, but you could definitely see how much lighter it was.

After the Ayinger we had the Sierra Nevada Kellerweis. Apparently, I forgot to take a photo of this beer. I’ve been a huge fan of this beer in the past, and I thought it showed really well. It didn’t seem to be much of hit for the rest of the club, though. I found this beer to be a bit more lager-like than the other wheats.


Next up, we had a dunkel to try. I was really curious to know what people thought of this beer. I wasn’t a big fan of it when I had it. But I thought the huge ester profile would go over well, and it did. I was actually a bit surprised, because the huge ester profile that I noted in my review, didn’t seem to be as prominent during the tasting.

Next, we tried the Blanche de Chambly from Unibroue. Apparently, I also forgot to take a pic of this one too. Most everyone seemed to like this wit well enough, but didn’t seem to really impress anyone that much.


The Two Jokers from Boulevard was an interesting beer. This beer was considerably more tart than the rest of the beers, and people found the acidity to be too much. It was noted that it would be great with food, especially cheese, but by itself wasn’t well-liked.


I was really excited to try this beer. I was also excited, because this isn’t your normal wheat beer and I wanted people to see just how different a wheat beer can be. This was probably the biggest hit of the night. The dark fruits and sweetness really appealed to everyone. The higher ABV probably helped, as well. After this, Jackie fell asleep, as you can see.

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