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Deschutes The Stoic 2011


This is the newest in the Reserve lineup from Deschutes. These are some pricey beers, but considering the quality you get, it’s always been worth it. This one is a Belgian Quad brewed with pomegranate with 16.5% aged in wine barrels and another 16.5% aged in rye whiskey barrels.

Quadrupel. 11.0% ABV. 20 IBUs. Oregon. Limited Release.

Light in color, and coppery. Reminds me more of an IPA except there’s no head. You can definitely see some carbonation rising and it’s a bit hazy.

Beautiful Belgian nose. Lots of yeast with some alcohol heat. But there’s also a ton of complexity. Red fruits fill the nose with a huge dose of honey. Actually, it’s very mead like. Heavy honey aroma with a dash of black pepper.

Mouthfeel is highly carbonated with a medium body. The bottle conditioned carbonation makes it appear very light and frothy. Very similar to many Trappists, it’s a bit too drinkable.

Wow, is this good. The first thing that strikes me is the balance. It’s not overly oaky, it’s not overly fruity, it’s not overly boozy. Okay, it’s a bit hot, but that should calm down with some time. The complexity is immense. Red fruit, honey, black pepper, yeast, hint of citrus, hint of beef jerky. The length is fantastic.

I’ve said many times how much I love Deschutes, but this is the perfect example of the quality of their products. I’m absolutely amazed, no, astounded by the quality of this. It’s a Belgian Quad (difficult enough) that has pomegranates, then has some of it aged in two different types of oak barrels. There’s so much flavor, yet, it’s perfectly balanced. Perhaps, some of the balance comes from the blending, but regardless, this is nearly perfect. My only draw-back is the amount of heat, but even then, I believe that’ll calm down with some age. It’s expensive, but it’s not a gimmick. Buy this. 95 points.

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