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Roslyn Beer


This very simple name is 1 of the 2 beers they make. You can read my review of the Brookside here. This little brewery is run by 3 guys that all went to Western! Therefore, they are awesome. This dark lager is brewed with 4 types of malts and 3 hop varieties, but they don’t specify which. It’s supposed to be a recreation of the original beer brewed by the Roslyn Brewing and Malting Co. a hundred years ago.

Munich Dunkel Lager. Washington.

Nice mahogany color with off-white head.

The nose is actually fantastic. Heavy malty-ness with a huge amount of chocolate and some caramel. Very porter-like. And I’m getting this tart green apple thing as it warms.

Mouthfeel is light to medium, not as carbonated as I thought it would be.

You get a lot of malt upfront and then the heavy chocolate and caramel come in. Slight hop bitterness on the back and then it finishes of a roast coffee flavor that lingers.

Actually this isn’t bad at all. It seems to get a hair light on the mid-palate, but otherwise this is a tasty beer. Very much like a light porter. Give this a go. 88 points.

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