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Port Townsend Golden Ale


Apparently this is called Chet’s Gold Golden Ale, but seems to just say golden ale on the bottle. This at least features Pale and Crystal malts with Northwest whole leaf hops, but their website doesn’t specify which hops.

American Blonde Ale. 5.6% ABV. Washington.

It’s sort of a hazy yellow, head doesn’t last.

Not too much going on on the nose. It’s got a bit of grain. What’s weird is that I get this whiskey type of aroma. Very strange, but I kinda like it.

Good light to medium body.

Light fruits on here with a nice lemon honey play. Definitely some malty-ness and it gets a bit of a twizzler, red berry thing on the mid, which I kinda like. Then the finish has some hop backbone, giving some bitterness.

Pretty solid brew. Doesn’t knock my socks off, but I really don’t have anything to complain about. 87 points

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