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Paulaner Hefe-Weizen


I picked up a couple German wheat beers today. I love these beers, especially in the Summer. They’re nice and refreshing. This is a classic by Paulaner, but they don’t get into a whole lot of details about the beer on their website, but according to a reliable source (ie. someone that knows a lot more about beer than me) says the malts are wheat, Pils, Munich, and a bit of Crystal.

Hefeweizen. 5.5% ABV. Germany. Best Before 05/12.

Nice dark yellow color, and it’s super cloudy. Great head on this.

The nose is exactly what I’d expect. It’s wheaty, fruity, and yeasty. I love the baked apples that I get.

Fairly high carbonation in a low to medium bodied beer.

Lots of wheat and yeast flavor fill the palate. I do get a slight off-balance and metallic flavor probably from an old bottle. There’s a lot of flavor on the palate until the backend where it actually rolls off the palate, and leaves nothing more than a hint on the finish.

Tasty brew. If you are into wheat beers, and you havn’t been drinking the German classics than you are doing it wrong. This beer would be better if it was a little fresher, I think, but it’s still pretty darn good. 87 points.

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