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Skagit River The Gospel


I’ve had this beer on tap not too long ago, but Skagit River has bottled some new stuff recently. From what I understand, this particular beer is a recreation of a previous classic. I remember enjoying it quite a bit on tap, but I never reviewed it, so here’s my chance. I’ve been sipping on it awhile, so ignore the run-on sentences. Skagit River desperately needs to update their website. If you are ever up north, make sure to check out this place in Mt. Vernon.

American India Pale Ale. Washington.

It’s a light coppery color with a nice head, and leaves some fantastic lacing.

The nose is surprising a bit. It’s actually quite fruity. It’s got quite a bit of hops here, which bring a pine resin, and a whole lot of malt that brings a grainy, Grapenuts aroma. But still it manages to produce this plum, strawberry, and banana aroma that is very lovely.

Mouthfeel is excellent. Nice medium body, good carbonation.

Lots of grainy-ness up front which transitions to a slight orange and grapefruit play, and then it’s just pine and bitterness on the finish. I do get a hint of diacetyl, which is of concern, but doesn’t actually taste too bad. Huge bitterness on this one, so this is for the hop heads. The length of grain is tremendous.

This is everything that you’d want from a Washington IPA. It’s piney and bitter, it’s bold and brash, and if you don’t like it then get the hell out of the state. 89 points.

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