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Boulevard Chocolate Ale


This is a seasonal from the Smokestack Series. I’ve had a couple from the series, and they have certainly been stuff worth seeking out. Most chocolate beers are stouts or porters, so I was surprised to see this one is much lighter, just referred to as an American Strong Ale on BA. This beer features pale and wheat malts with Honey Naked oats, Hallertau hops, and cocoa nibs from the Dominican Republic.

American Strong Ale. 9.1% ABV. 24 IBUs. Missouri. Spring Seasonal.

Looks kind of like a dunkelweizen. It’s dark brownish with lots of sediment and a great head.

There’s really not that much going on on the nose. You get a hint of chocolate, but you mainly get this tart apple and grain smell. To be honest, it doesn’t smell all that good.

Excellent mouthfeel, medium to full bodied.

Wow, so the palate is nothing like the nose. You get this unbelievable chocolate bar taste unlike any chocolate beer that I’ve had before. And you do get this Belgian yeast flavor and that tart apple with chocolate drizzled over the top. That Belgian yeast flavor along with a dose of bitterness hits the backend to an almost distracting level, but I didn’t notice that until the bottom of the bottle with all the sediment.

This is probably the best chocolate beer that I’ve ever had. It’s rich and decadent, without being cloying and sweet. This is a great dessert beer and can pair with any number of dessert dishes. 91 points.

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