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Yakima Pale Ale


I really liked the IPA from these guys, so I hope the pale is just as good. If it is, that could mean some great things for this brewery and the state of Washington. The BA review is at a pretty low C+, but there’s only 10 reviews. Let’s check it out.

American Pale Ale. 5.0% ABV. 35 IBUs. Washington.

Honey golden in color, doesn’t keep much of a head.

Nice smelling nose. I get some hops and a bit of malt to balance it out. Fantastic apple cider aroma. Like big time. This seriously smells like apple cider. There is also some floral hop notes here.

Good mouthfeel, really drinkable.

Apple cider comes through a bit again with some floral hops and a bit of a cinnamon Fall spice kind of play. The finish is especially lovely with a nice hint of vanilla that almost makes me think this beer has touched oak.

Not a bad beer. I think I liked the IPA better, but this is pretty decent too. Only complaint is that it’s just a hair light in flavor, but I respect the restraint of the hops here. 88 points

  1. June 28, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    I’ve never tried anything from them but I look forward to it. Thanks for keeping me up to speed .. so much going on in WA since I’ve moved away!

    • atattooedtale
      June 29, 2011 at 3:35 pm

      Thanks for reading, buddy! I’ve been getting more and more excited about the quality coming out of this state. Look for this stuff if you are ever back in town!

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