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Yakima IPA


I’ve been wanting to try beer from the Yakima Brewing Co. for a long time now. That’s because they are in the very middle of the biggest hop producing region in the US. Fresh hopped beer, anyone? So, I’m super excited to try this IPA. The bros actually gave this beer and A+, but the normal BA rating isn’t as generous at a solid B. There seems to be a lot of disagreements about this beer, so it should be interesting to try.

American India Pale Ale. 6.3% ABV. 102 IBUs. Washington.

Color is almost like an iced tea. It’s hazy, burnt orange with a decent, and just fantastic lacing.

The nose has a lot of floral and spicey hops. This has a really lovely floral honey characteristic. Hops don’t come across as harsh, with a hint of some sweet malts.

Perfect mouthfeel and carbonation.

Gorgeous floral and spice hops on the palate, but well-balanced with the malt. Some bitterness on the backend, but very well-made. I’m also getting some apricot and peach with honey drizzled on top.

I’ve been waiting for this kind of beer for awhile, and I believe this could be the start of something special. I’ve long preached that Washington needs to be the IPA capital of the world. We grow all the damn hops, yet where’s our Pliny? This is a good start. 91 points.

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