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Snoqualmie Summer Beer


Well this is an interesting one. Snoqualmie calls this one a pre-prohibition Pilsner brewed Alt-style. So you can kind of think of this as an ale version of a Pils if that makes sense. It’s also brewed with a little bit of corn and Czech Saaz hops.

Czech Pilsner. 5.6% ABV. Washington.

Light orange to yellow with an actually very nice head. The lacing is ridiculous. It’s also pretty full of sediment.

The nose is lighter than many Pils, but this one has a more spicy hop aroma than grain.

Mouthfeel is light to medium bodied, with a frothy carbonation. Not bad.

Snoqualmie didn’t shy away from hops here, and I like that. This is the opposite of a crisp, clean Pils. It’s got a ton of hops that bring a floral and light fruit note with a hint of black pepper. There are some peaches, apricots, and other light fruits. The finish is quite bitter with a hint of cracker malt, but the hops are a bit heavy handed which cover up a lot of the malt.

I’m surprised this Pils is so hoppy. I like it for what it is, but I actually prefer a more crisp Pils. This isn’t bad though, and certainly worth a purchase. I think this is just gonna be way too bitter for a lot of people. 87 points.

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