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Redhook Pilsner


Continuing with the Redhook lineup, we have a Czech style pils. Again, website is still not updated. I love me a good pils in the Summer, and I hope this is one I can recommend.

Czech Pilsner. 5.3% ABV. Washington.

Nice golden color. Very clear with a lot of carbonation streams. Head doesn’t last.

Nice grainy nose. Not a whole lot of hops on here, but there is a bit of a hop spice and citrus coming through.

Light to medium body with a nice carbonation crispness.

Lots of grainyness with a little bit of hops to balance, but definitely more on the malt side on this Pils. It’s a fairly typical pils flavor profile, but it’s incredibly crisp and clean.

I’m really enjoying this one. I love just how crisp and easy drinking this is. It also pairs well with food and is going to be a great Summer beer. Give this one a go. 86 points.

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