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Redhook Blueline Series Dunkelweizen


So Redhook is completely rebranding their products. They’ve changed the bottles and the labels, and I’m liking both. Now, keep in mind this is the second time they’ve tried rebranding. But they just had their big announcement to get some traction on their side and get people, especially the craft people, to take another look at their product. It looks like they have also started a new “Blueline Series” and this seems to be the first of the series. Their website has yet to be updated with their new marketing and doesn’t list this beer yet. I will say that it’s a dunkelweizen, which excited me because it’s one of my favorite styles. Let’s see how Redhook is doing.

Dunkelweizen. 6.0% ABV. Washington.

Dirty and hazy looking. Brown/yellowish.

Lotta esters coming through here. I’m getting some wheat and yeast mixed in with a ton of banana and clove. Brown sugar and honey also make an appearance. Good start.

Mouthfeel isn’t bad. Maybe a little bit too light, but a decent medium bodied feel.

Huge esters on the initial with a ton of candy banana flavor with some clove. The flavor just dies after that into a nothingness. Seriously, the flavor just dies and turns into a honey water flavor with a little bit of wheat.

This is just disjointed and losses all the flavor on the finish, while the initial palate has a ton of flavor, it’s almost over-the-top with the esters. This is a rough start, but you will be seeing me review their whole lineup coming soon. 81 points.

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