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Rahr Snowmageddon Update

I recently reviewed a beer from Rahr called Snowmageddon (See review here). There wasn’t any information on the website, but a beer peddler for Rahr contacted me and asked if I wanted any information. He went as far as contacting the guy who developed the beer and gave me the basic recipe. Here’s the stats:

OG 1060
IBU 35

67% Pale Malt
8% Victory
5% Roasted Barley
3% Chocolate
7% Caramunich
10% Quick Oats

Magnum Hops 12.1aa 60 min or sub any medium to high alpha hop to get to 35 IBU but avoid super citrus hops

1oz per 5g EK Goldings 20 min – Any English Variety will work
Yeast Nottingham – The specific strain has an extremely minimal effect on this beer, Any English or US Ale will work fine just be more careful with Windsor to keep the fermentation between 65-68.

Mash at 154 for 60-90 minutes

Other substitutions that make nearly no noticable change on final beer:
Caramunich can be substitued with any crystal malt at 40-75 lovibond
Nearly any base malt is fine, Pilsner, Munich, US Pale, generic 2-Row
You can go to 20# of base malt and ditch the Victory/Biscuit if you use Weyermann Pale, Munich or Marris Otter.
I also like to bump up the oats a little more than that.

This is the base for all of my stouts, sub the oats with flaked and add lactose for a sweet stout. Flaked Barley & make it bigger for a Foreign Export, even bigger for a RIS. Or if you want to get really crazy, Sub 25% of the base with Rye Malt and Flaked Rye instead of Oats.

That’s an awesome beer and an awesome way to reach out. Kudos Rahr!

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  1. Ben
    May 6, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    The guys at Rahr are awesome! When you ask for help with something, they are willing to help. I am glad that Tony was able to help ya! Glad you enjoyed the beer! When next years comes out, I will get ya another! The “Too Thee Series” is going to produce some good beer!

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