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Snoqualmie Falls Copperhead


Again, Snoqualmie has a terrible website and doesn’t have much information about their beers, but this is a pale that I actually just had on nitro the other day at the brewery. I wasn’t a huge fan of it on nitro, let’s see if it’s better out of the bottle.

American Pale Ale. 5.3% ABV. Washington.

Light coppery color with an alright head, it fades quickly.

Lots of honey on the nose and has a slightly toasted almond aroma. Pretty big hit of citrus and blueberries.

Nice mouthfeel borders on the light to medium bodied as carbonation is fairly high.

Honey and diacetyl right away, with a surprising amount of bitterness which isn’t as balanced as I’d like. Some of those fruit flavors come through but seem to be muted by the charred flavor and the tobacco on the end. I really love this honey flavor though.

I think this beer is all over the place. I like the honey and fruit flavors, but they seem to get so muted by the hop bitterness. The beer really isn’t hoppy, it’s just hop bitterness. I actually didn’t notice the bitterness at all on the nitro, though. 80 points.

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