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Big Sky Cowboy Coffee


My old roommate Andrew grabbed a sixer of this and shared a couple with me. Thanks buddy! This coffee porter from Montana features Crystal, Munich, Black, Chocolate, and Pale malts with Hallertau hops. I’ve been a bit critical of the coffee beers in the past, so let’s see if this one brings anything new to the table.

American Porter. 6.2% ABV. 32 IBUs. Montana. Limited Release.

Dark chocolate brown. Really didn’t keep much head on this one.

Certainly coffee on the nose, but isn’t all that striking. I also get a lot of other typical porter aromas. Caramel, a lot of chocolate, and a hint of vanilla.

Mouthfeel is too light, too carbonated, too frothy.

Coffee mostly. It’s got that stale coffee thing I always talk about with these beers, but it’s not too bad, and not all that distracting. Coffee is there all the way through, but it does have those other flavors. Just like the nose, chocolate, vanilla, and caramel. The thing I enjoy most about this beer, is that it actually has a secondary coffee flavor on the finish that gives you this really nice roasted flavor, without being bitter. It hangs on the palate forever, and it’s delicious.

All in all, it’s an alright beer. I would like to see the mouthfeel beefed up a lot, personally. The coffee flavor is what you’d expect for the style, but the finish is what makes this beer. Give it a go. 87 points.

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