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Sam Adams Noble Pils


This is a re-view of the Noble Pils. When I last reviewed this beer, I really didn’t like it much. That’s mostly because of a rubbery flavor profile that I really hated. We discussed the beer on Getting Tanked, and mentioning that it tastes like shit because of the rubber taste, well let’s just say that I’m still living that down. But the main point of this is that people didn’t get that flavor profile and so I want to see if I still got it in the new batch.

Czech Pilsner. 4.9% ABV. Massachusetts.

Light Pils yellow. It has a nice head, but it’ll fade fairly quickly.

Light hop aroma with a malty background. Actually I think the malts dominate the nose more than the hops. Lots of fruit, here, and I do get that rubbery component, but it’s fairly subtle.

Decent mouthfeel, no complaints.

Palate is very similar to the nose, lots of fruits, some hop bitterness. Apple comes through heavy on the finish. Again, that rubbery-ness is there, but not like it was the last time I had it.

Well this beer is clearly different from when I last had it. I don’t know if it’s an age thing or not, but this is much better. 87 points.

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