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21st Amendment Bitter American


This is a new session pale from 21A. It’s only 4.4%, so you can drink a bunch of these without getting messed up. This beer includes Simpson’s Golden Promise, 2-row Pale, Munich, and Crystal malts with Simcoe and Centennial hops.

American Pale Ale. 4.4% ABV. 42 IBUs. California. Available January-March

Dark amber color with a nice head, but fades quickly.

The nose is definitely hoppy which brings a little bit of pine, orange, and a floral component but it isn’t too heavy with a malt background that brings a little hint of apples and spice. Actually there is this apple cinnamon thing that is kinda blowing me away.

Light mouthfeel, but very low alcohol here.

Wow this is surprisingly fruity. A ton of orange, tangerine, apple, with a floral component mixed in with some spices. A tiny bit of hop bitterness on the back, and a finish of apple cinnamon again.

I love this beer. It’s surprisingly complex, but frankly it’s just a delicious session beer. This might actually be the best session beer ever, minus the price. This is a great reaching out beer because it’s got the hops but there’s enough fruit to win over a few palates. 89 points.

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