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Scotch Silly


This isn’t a favorite style of mine, but once in the while it hits the spot. This scotch ale is from Silly, Belgium. It has Pale, Caramel, and “aromatic” malts with Kent and Hallertau hops. Let’s see if it’s any good.

Scotch Ale. 8.0% ABV. Belgium.

Appearance is Coke colored with a nice head and lacing.

The nose is very, very sweet smelling. It also has a very metallic aroma. This is really sweet, I’m getting candied dark fruits, and all I can think of is sugar and lots of caramel.

Cloying and thick mouthfeel.

Again, really, really sweet. Lots of caramel and sugar covered dark fruits with honey and brown sugar, with a slight black licorice note, and a hint of alcohol on the backend.

I hate this beer. There I said it. There is nothing about this beer that I like. It’s like drinking candy, but some of you may like that. 76 points.

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