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Spilker Hopluia


Here’s another beer from Nebraska, from Spilker Ales. This brewery apparently only makes this beer. Their website doesn’t mention any other beer, and there is only reviews for this beer on BA. This beer seems to only have caramel malts, or at least that’s all they discuss on the website, and dry-hopped with Northern Brewer, Centennial, Zeus, and Columbus hops. This one might not be the best to review, as I’m sure the hops have diminished quite a bit, but let’s see how it is.

English India Pale Ale. Nebraska.

Dark caramel color, head doesn’t last long.

Hops don’t really come through on the nose, just a lot of malt. Lots of caramel and some brown sugar, otherwise it’s a fairly closed nose.

Mouthfeel isn’t too bad, but a little light.

Malts on the front, caramel, brown sugar, and some grain come through. Has a little bit of lemon on the mid-palate, but then the flavor just dies.

I’m hoping it’s not very good because of the age, but I can’t say much about this one. For praising the hops so much, you can’t tell that there’s any in here. 75 points.

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