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Schell’s Snowstorm 2009


Another Schell’s beer, and this one is even older. Their Snowstorm winter beer changes every year. 2009 is a Baltic Porter. This is an interesting take on the style because they use lager yeast and then cold-lager it. I havn’t had too many Baltic Porter’s before, but if it’s half as good as the last beer I reviewed from them, it should get pretty high marks. But again, keep in mind that this beer is quite a bit past it’s best by date.

Baltic Porter. 5.6% ABV. Minnesota.

Very dark chocolate color, no head.

A lot of roast and chocolate on the nose. Vanilla comes through, but with sweetness kind of like vanilla syrup. I also get this nice dark cherry covered in chocolate that I really like.

Mouthfeel is good, it’s thick and creamy, even with the lager yeast.

Palate is very similar to the nose. Lots of chocolate, a little roasty-ness, dark cherries and strawberries, vanilla, and a smokey-ness that is also very nice. I get a cigar note on the back, with a hint of roast, but doesn’t taste burnt. Actually the finish ends with a bacon kind of play, with hints of caramel, pretty dry, as well.

My only complaint here is that it seems to break-down on the transition from the mid-palate to the back-end, but the finish is nice and has good length. 88 points.

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