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Schell’s Stag Barrel Aged Schmaltz’s Alt


Thanks to Maggs for hauling this to me! This is the first beer that I’ve gotten to try from this well-known Minnesota brewery. This beer is an alt that I believe they brew as a Winter seasonal, and then aged in red wine barrels. I do have to say that this beer is a bit past the best by date, so keep that in mind for this review.

Altbier. 5.1% ABV. Minnesota. Batch #1.

Dark alt color. Reminds me of Coke, but more red.

The nose is a bit sweet with malts coming through. You get that slight wine and oak aroma, and a ton of red fruits on the nose. Cherry pie filling, strawberries, plums, and lemons come through. This actually reminds me of a nice dessert with port wine or something along those lines.

Mouthfeel is good, on the lighter side, but good for the style.

A lot of wine and wood flavor come immediately on the palate, but not over-powering. The mid-palate gets a lot of that red fruit, while the finish has a nice little citrus play and a hint of oak and vanilla.

I hope their other beers are this good, cause this is pretty nice. Delicious and balanced beer. 91 points.

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