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Snoqualmie Triskaidekaphobia 13th Anniversary


This beer has an impossible to pronounce name, but apparently it means the fear of the number 13. That’s appropriate, see, cause it’s their 13th anniversary beer. This beer is a Belgian tripel, so it should be interesting to see a small American brewers take on the classic style.

Tripel. 8.6% ABV. Washington.

Golden color, leaves a little head on it.

Actually has a big nose with a ton of fruit coming through. A little alcohol and a bit of spice and yeast.

Decent mouthfeel for the style.

A ton of flavor. Just a bunch of light fruits and spices coming through. It has this really amazing floral honey flavor on the front end that just blows me away. The finish is a bit strong on the hops, perhaps too much so.

I was actually really impressed with this beer, and I was expecting to be. I think the alpha acids are a bit high, but otherwise a great Belgian-American style beer. 91 points.

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