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Lazy Boy Dumb Luck Amber Ale


This is the other beer from Lazy Boy brewed specifically for Haggen grocery stores. The Pale Ale wasn’t very impressive if you read my last review. Let’s see if this one is any better.

Amber Ale. 6.1% ABV. Washington.

Dark amber in color, a little bit of head.

Not that much going on on the nose. It does bring some caramel from the malts, but does actually have a hop balance to it as well.

Alright mouthfeel, just a little light.

Caramel and almost cracker malts up front that finishes with a hop bitterness, but much more balanced than the Pale. Actually has some decent flavors in here and isn’t too watery.

Not a great beer, but it’s not too bad and it’s much better than the Pale Ale. If you want some cheap, decent beer, this is for you. 82 points.

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