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Lazy Boy Dumb Luck Pale Ale


I just saw this new bomber in my local Haggen store. I’ve never seen this before, and upon closer inspection it turns out that this and the amber of the same name are brewed specifically for Haggen grocery stores by Lazy Boy. It’s a pretty cool idea, especially when you get a real craft brewery to do it, unlike Walgreens. It was around 4 bucks for a bomber, so good pricing.

American Pale Ale. 5.8% ABV. Washington.

Light copper color, no head.

The nose has malts and hops coming through, but not a lot of aroma. It’s got some light fruit and bready malts.

Mouthfeel isn’t bad for the style.

Not a whole lotta flavor on this one and completely off-balance. The backend is astringent and just doesn’t taste good. The malts up front aren’t too bad, but it just gets destroyed by the lack of balance and an atrocious flavor on the back.

It’s cheap, but it tastes like it. Pass. 75 points.


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